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Every year we have a beautiful light festival in our city. Enjoy this Amsterdam's winter festival returns each year to illuminate the city's streets and waterways with bewitching light installations by international artists. Find out more about where, when and how to see this year's works!

Amsterdam Light Festival 2017 - 2018

This year's event runs from 30 November 2017 - 21 January 2018, giving you 53 nights during which to experience its many delights. And with more than 35 large scale installations dotted across Amsterdam city centre, there are certainly plenty of delights to discover. Last year's festival highlights included installations like illuminated stick men slam-dunking their way over a bridge and a corridor of magnificent chandeliers gracefully hovering over a canal, so you can be sure that every work at this year's festival will be as bewitching, jaw-dropping or heart-warming as the next. The sculptures can be spotted all over Amsterdam city centre for the duration of the festival, illuminating and transforming its familiar monuments in magical and surprising new ways.

It's possible to find your own way around, but in order to view the festival in its best possible light two recommended routes have been created - a boat route and a walking route.

We can buy tickets for this festival! Visit us and the this wonderful experience!

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